Vmx Galaxy

We are ready to offer both: individual products for your particular tasks, and the synergistic power of all Vmx products.

The combination of Vmx software covers production tasks in a comprehensive manner: situational, defectoscopy, processes, numbering. This application is one-and-the only in the market.

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Vmx Qualex – Automated accounting and traceability of the product at the conveyor during is entire life-cycle. Development of the quality certificate.

Vmx Qualex – Control of the content of rail cars

Vmx SILA – monitoring of interaction between personnel and equipment.

Vmx SILA – control and monitoring of availability of individual protection means and observance of occupational safety requirements.

Vmx SILA – automated inventory of animals.

Vmx SILA – controlling the number of people and line monitoring, monitoring of quality of the customer services.

Vmx Dequs: ECO – monitoring of non-routine emissions.

Vmx Dequs – product quality control at equipment surface.

Vmx Dequs – visual process control at key facilities.

Vmx MarkerID – recognizing the numbers of wagons and other vehicles.

Vmx MarkerID – recognizing of markings and bar code accounting.

Vmx MarkerID – product inventory based on industrial marking.

Vmx line solutions:


Products are based on a single platform - Vmx Platform Frame. You can use only Vmx product or easily add others without significant infrastructure changes


With the product is comprehensively used the data on production, personnel and product are aggregated in a single window. Both online data and archive of events. This allows you to take into account more data and make more effective management decisions.

As a result, Vmx Galaxy will provide:


full scope of information on the product, process and personnel


in reduction of production costs


economic security and reduction of theft, easy scaling of solutions to subsidiaries


easy scalability of the solution to subsidiaries


exclusion of human error


improving the reputation of the companies