Vmx MarkerID

Detects markings on the surface and recognizes it

Vmx MarkerID
will allow you to

improves accounting of products with marking

provides automated recognition of car numbers

accelerates digitalization of bar codes from images

What does the product work with?

Vmx MarkerID recognizes markings from numbers, letters, signs using machine stereoscopic vision


The system independently finds barcodes on the surface, regardless of the number and location. Even if the label is not well readable or the surface with the brand is dirty, the task is completed successfully in 99% of cases.


Video analytics in marking is used in production companies for automated accounting of acceptance and shipment of marked products or numbered wagons and containers in rail transport.


In discrete manufacturing, product identification by marking automates the accounting of products on the conveyor.

Vmx MarkerID – recognizing the numbers of wagons and other vehicles.

Vmx MarkerID – recognizing of markings and bar code accounting.

Vmx MarkerID – product inventory based on industrial marking.


Application cases
Vmx MarkerID:


Automated recognition of the rail car numbers

The system of automatic recognition of rail car numbers allows you to automate the accounting of products moved between the company locations by rail. Vmx MarkerID: WNR identifies codes regardless of their number, location, font, or print quality. At the same time, the accuracy of character recognition is 98%, number recognition accuracy is 95%. The system works even in conditions of strong interference: night, rain, snow, fog. All information about rail car numbers is entered into the Database. The results are then used to compare the data obtained from the departing train and the data obtained from the same train upon arrival at the destination.


Automated recognition of the bar codes at plastic cards

Recognition of bar codes and numbers from plastic cards shall be automated with VmxDequs: Cards in SaaS version. The system is capable of recognizing the codes even at almost erased images and at poor quality images (phone photos at poor lighting). For the first time, the solution was applied in the Wallet mobile application. This is a digital wallet and the only mobile aggregator of bank cards, loyalty cards and coupons in Russia (acquired by Tinkoff Bank in 2021).


Recognition of industrial markings

Laser, fragment, stencil, embossed marking could be done with MarkerID. The system detects, reads and recognizes markings on metal sheets, metal slabs, containers, products where it is needed.

More information about the software and terms of the client-specific license use is available at vmx@videomatrix.ru

Compatibility with other products

MarkerID complements other products in the line when solving production problems Vmx Dequs and Vmx Qualex. Reading the marking identifies a unique object and tracks the events associated with it in a personalized way. Reading of markings on personnel overalls is provided by Vmx MarkerID when using Vmx SILA.

As a result you receive:


automation of product accounting processes for marking


reducing costs for product accounting, optimizing business processes and increasing the speed of service of marked vehicles, products


economic security and control of product theft at the stage of transportation by rail


"high accuracy of data in product quality certificates, employee personalization or management reports "