monitors employees operation, clients behavior, counts animals, controls vehicles.

VmxSILA will: improve safety in production and will facilitate

develop thermal imaging, trace any violation of occupational safety and health requirements
and presence of individual protection means;

analyze gatherings of people, control services in lines, count the number of consumers;

automate accounting of pigs, control shipment, avoid low weight pigs slaughter by mistake

keep vehicles under control and receive information on accidents in the first seconds

What the product is used for?

Vmx SILA identifies objects with arbitrary trajectory in the frame: man-controlled live objects (humans, animals). Computer vision and machine learning algorithms improve Vms SILA in the process of operation. VideoMatrix system could be both: an independent “turnkey” solution or built-in MES (manufacturing execution system).

Vms SILA helps to solve the following tasks:


Personnel control and monitoring of clients' behavior

The system recognizes a human in the frame with high accuracy, monitors the appearance and behavior in different work areas. It makes it possible to control safety of operation, time of the employee’s operation and actions at manufacturing or at the construction site. In the areas of mass gatherings Vms SILA analyzes behavior in the crowd, speed of the line movement and quality of customer services, counts the number of buyers.


The inventory procedures, accounting and control of animals in agricultural sector

In meet processing the Vms SILA becomes an irreplaceable assistant in animal control to monitor their physical status while fattening and to control the number of animals for slaughter. The system keeps inventory records and gives warnings about low weight species that should be returned for fattening. The system also keeps track on clean and contaminated zones.


Vehicles and traffic control

Traffic incidents, collisions of vehicles and humans and traffic density could be automatically controlled. Traffic safety could be optimized by pedestrian crossing illumination at night when someone crosses the road.

Vmx SILA – monitoring of interaction between personnel and equipment.

Vmx SILA – control and monitoring of availability of individual protection means and observance of occupational safety requirements.

Vmx SILA – automated inventory of animals.

Vmx SILA – controlling the number of people and line monitoring, monitoring of quality of the customer services.


Vmx SILA Application cases:


Control of the customer service quality

The software controls if there is a line of customers, how many people are in the line, if there is an employee in place, how much time is required for him to provide service for one customer, when the peak hours are, how many specialists are required to handle the rush hour. This is how precious data for client-oriented companies are generated which is required for banks, supermarkets, government service instuitutions and even airport inspection areas.


Industrial safety requirements

Vms SILA monitors manufacturing personnel: if everyone uses individual protection means (helmets, vests, goggles, gloves), if there are any individuals in restricted areas, the time the personnel spends in certain areas, if there was any contact with equipment. VideMatrix becomes irreplaceable here in prevention of incidents and in provision of safety for employees.


Control over physical condition of personnel

It is true that Vms SILA identifies the condition of an individual without any direct contact: pulse and other vital parameters could be controlled. this is important for long distance truckers, pilots and machine operators.


Authorized personnel access control

Vmx SILA is also capable of recognizing human face which allows collection of personalized analytics.


Timely response to traffic conditions

When the Vms system monitors traffic conditions or traffic situation at the street crossing, It counts and classifies the objects. This system will be the first to notice and identify incidents, traffic accidents and will send an alarm signal to emergency services. Even minutes could bring help in time and save lives.


This is a solution for cattle breeding and agricultural industry.

The software is capable of identifying man, vehicles and animals in the frame which allows counting at acceptance and shipment, tracing the movement trajectory, behavior and physical status and even weight. The system has the following capabilities: counting cattle number; monitoring personnel for sanitary safety and sending alarms on stay in clean and contaminated areas; integration with weighting system and production accounting systems, automation of weighing procedures; identification of low weight cattle for further transfer to fattening or slaughter; counting death loss; monitoring of unauthorized travel of animals in limited vision conditions.

More information about the software and terms of the client-specific license use is available at vmx@videomatrix.ru