Vmx Qualex

Tracks products in production, automatically records data, and creates a product datasheet

Vmx Qualex
shall demonstrate excelent performance in

tracing products at conveyor belt even in noisy production environment (dust, spatter, dirt, blinks, high temperatures)

automated creation of the product quality certificate to inform
your customers about the raw materials and product life cycle

capturing large production spaces due to multi-camera video analytics and panoramic field of view

real-time monitoring of the product at conveyor and imaging its location in process graphics, here and now

What the product is used for?

Vmx Qualex is AI and machine vision based video analytics for:


Automation of the product accounting at the conveyor

Vmx Qualex traces the passage of the product from the very beginning to the end of lifecycle in discrete manufacturing. In the process of tracing in the database (DB) the time, exact location, any actions with the product, withdrawal, installation or modifications are recorded. Recorded data include the static picture from the camera if any breach of procedures is captured. The system also accounts the number of products delivered (non-delivered) from the production line to the stock. If the products do not arrive to the stock the data in the database clarify, why this happens. This allows to improve the in-process quality control and makes accounting of products and raw material easier increasing the level of economic security.


Product quality certificate

Vmx Qualex generates the product certificate, recording stages of the raw material passage before it becomes the product. This allows to justify the product price for the Customer and demonstrate the proof that the product passed through all necessary production processes and its quality was inspected.

Vmx Qualex – Automated accounting and traceability of the product at the conveyor during is entire life-cycle. Development of the quality certificate.

Vmx Qualex – Control of the content of rail cars


Vmx Qualex Application cases:


In-process product accounting

Vmx Qualex Track - the system for automated accounting of product, its traceability throughout the entire life-cycle at the conveyor. While the product is traced from the very beginning to the end of the process (not just simple counting of product at the line) it is possible to name the product processing stages, if the product was manually withdrawn from the conveyor and if it was returned back. Recording of the timing and stages becomes the basis for generating the product quality certificate. Due to panoramic view system and frame compensation, failure of a single camera does not effect the whole system.


Automated generation of receipt for catering establishments

The system allows automation of the clients payments in the catering establishment, replacing man at the cash desk. The client puts the tray with food under the camera, the system recognizes the tray, food on the tray, identifies dishes and their cost and issues the final receipt. All clinets' trays shall be saved in the database as screenshots to be available in the archive.

More information about the software and terms of the client-specific license use is available at vmx@videomatrix.ru